Please find the Robotics and Innovation Conference agenda below

23rd June

    • What it is
    • What was expected from it
    • The reality we now know 
    • The impact on our people & businesses
    • Some thoughts on implementation

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  1. ice

    • Looking at the technology required for safe nuclear decommissioning
    • The challenges involved with designing robots to be robust, reliable, safe and able to withstand highly radioactive environments
    • The opportunities these robots present
    • What does the future of robots for hazardous environments look like


    • Machine learning systems that are providing surgical assistance
    • Will AI, drones and robotics transform the NHS and healthcare?
    • What are the innovation projections for the next 10 years
    • Innovative case studies – what has worked and what hasn’t?


  2. In this talk, I will present how academia can play a leading role in developing innovation in industry and highlight some of the benefits and pitfalls of working with academia. Examples of past and current projects in the marine environment will be used to support our arguments. We will also present the National Robotarium, a recently created centre for innovation at the interface of academic and industry in the UK. 

    • What does the next decade look like for robotic innovation?
    • Are these goals realistic?
    • How can we ensure the flow of funding remains continuous for future projects?

24th June

    • How have robots helped us gain further knowledge about space?
    • What other sectors have helped shape the robots we use for space discovery?
    • Future projects
    • The importance of these robots


    • How Milton Keynes University Hospital have been the first in Europe to use Versius
    • Limitations and challenges – are there any implications, will human surgeons become irrelevant?
    • What does this mean for medicine and robotics?
    • What opportunities do surgical robotics present?


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    • Looking at how Covid-19 has affected medical, delivery and the food supply sectors
    • What does this mean for the future?
    • What innovations have worked, and which haven’t?

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Current Robotics and Innovation Conference Speakers